Victoria Dreamer
First Appearance Extinction 3: Retribution
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Location Jessica's Strip Club
Age 23
Alignment Formerly evil, now good
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Major Antagonist
Theme "The Last Firstborn" by Celldweller
Extinction Character
"I love you, Amber. Let us never separate!"
—Victoria, in Extinction 3: Retribution

Victoria Dreamer is a beautiful woman who takes up a job as a stripper who appears in Extinction 3: Retribution. She is dating her girlfriend of a year, Amber Holland. She identifies as a lesbian.

Pre-Extinction 3Edit

After getting rejected by countless boys, Amber Holland fell into the arms of her childhood friend, Victoria, who loved her. After they both had their first kiss with each other, they knew they'd be together forever. When they were both 21, Amber moved into Victoria's home. They were struggling with the rent and decided to take up jobs at strippers at a major gentleman's club. Using their good looks, they make up to $600-900 a day. Amber and Victoria were both doing their normal routine when Pighead absolutely annihilated everyone in the place aside from them. He said he saw potential into them and offered them $50,000 in one day if they become his minions. Being greedy, they accepted and were implanted with a chip inside of their chest which basically controls them.

Extinction 3: RetributionEdit

Jeff walks into the strip club and notices the two girls dancing with no music and a disco ball rotating. He asks what is up as they both giggle. When the girls kiss, they gain supernatural powers.

They reveal they are Pighead's minions and they are ordered to kill Jeff and his friends before they get to Pighead himself.

After a long and intense battle, both girls are nearing the end of their lives. The chips are about to explode, which will kill them. They do not want to die so they tell Jeff about the chips and where they are located.

Jeff is able to successfully remove the chips with telekinesis and throws them against the wall while holding the girls in his arms for protection. The chips explode and the girls' lives are spared. They are both grateful and give Jeff a kiss on the cheek simultaneously. Jeff leads them out of the area and back to his house so they can be healed.