The Killer of Dreams
First Appearance Extinction 3: Retribution
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Jeff's neighborhood
Age Unknown
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Boss
Theme "Nabataea" by Helloween
Extinction Character

The Killer of Dreams (also known as Mr. Happy) is a psychopathic serial killer appearing in Extinction 3: Retribution. He is first encountered in a neighborhood at midnight wandering around for his next victims.

Extinction 3Edit

Jeff Mercer first encounters the Killer of Dreams wandering around his neighborhood dragging a rusty hook with something attached to the end of it. Jeff asks who it is and receives no reply. He looks closer to the strange man and discovers that he's wearing a smiley face mask and is wielding a hook. Suddenly, the man stops and the thing embedded in the hook falls off.

To Jeff's horror, it's the decapitated head of a boy. Jeff closes his eyes in horror and says what the hell is wrong with him. Jeff then opens his eyes and discovers the man is nowhere in sight. All of a sudden, he turns around and he's standing there. The strange man swings his hook around and hurls it towards Jeff which starts a brutal fight.