Swan Viker
First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Extinction 3: Retribution
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Finchamp High (first encounter)
Age 17
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Boss
Theme "Regret" by Blue Stahli (first encounter)

"Happy Birthday" by the Birthday Massacre (second encounter)

Extinction Character
"Every time! Every goddamn time, someone feels the need to bully me. Well, NOT ANYMORE. TODAY, I WILL BE THE ONE BULLYING THEM! *laughs*"
—Swan, in Extinction

Swan Viker is a psychotic goth kid who first appears in Extinction. Swan was a horribly mistreated and bullied boy who never fit in high school. He was a social outcast and a misfit who was looked down upon. He finally snapped and attempted to burn his school down.


Swan is encountered very early in Extinction. He is at Finchamp High but this day is not a normal day for him. That day, he planned to scorch everyone and burn down the school filled with his 'haters'. He bursts through the cafeteria's doors wielding a Molotov Cocktail and threatens everyone. He looks at Jeff who apparently 'stole' his hair idea and becomes even more mad. Swan is challenged to a fight by Jeff who wants to protect his school and his fellow classmates.