Steve Nightingale
Steve 2
First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Extinction 4: Awakening Part II
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Varies
Age 17
Alignment Good
Weapon Varies
Role Major Protagonist
Theme Unknown
Extinction Character
"I can bench press 400lbs, I'm protective of my lover and I'm a handsome devil. In love yet?"
—Steve, attempting to pick up girls in Extinction

Steve Nightingale is one of the six main characters and serves as Jeff Mercer's best friend. Steve has a passion for singing, and rocking out. He always attempts to look cool in front of the ladies, even if he is a bit clumsy.


Steve first introduces himself to Jeff as his friend, Rebecca leads him to him. Jeff and Steve share some of the same interests which makes them good friends almost instantly.

Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Due to the town's evacuation and the impending doom of their town, Steve accompanies Jeff on most of his travels to find survivors. Steve, despite being having a 'tough guy' persona, gets scared easily from the psychopaths that they meet sometimes.

Extinction 3: RetributionEdit

Steve aids Jeff on his quest for retribution against Pighead for nearly ruining their perfect moment. With Jeff's newfound powers, he uses that as his reason for picking up girls, saying he has a "superhero" friend.

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IEdit

Currently unknown.

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IIEdit

The final battle is approaching. Jeff and Steve prepare for what may be their final brotherly moments. Will they be rocking forever or will the plug be pulled on one of them?