First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Extinction 4: Awakening Part II
Status Alive
Gender Male? Right?
Location Varies
Age Unknown
Alignment Evil
Weapon Chainsaw
Role Main Antagonist
Theme Unknown
Extinction Character

Pighead is the main antagonist of the Extinction series and serves as Jeff's rival. Before the events of Extinction, Pighead's existence was questioned as the probability of a six and a half foot tall creature living inside of a house and NOT being found yet was considered impossible.


Every attempt to find Pighead has been unsuccessful and has resulted in multiple deaths. The police are much to afraid to enter and every time the building has been knocked down, with no sign of the monster, the house mysteriously reappears in the morning from out of thin air, even though it was completely destroyed the previous day. A group of brave friends decide to investigate the house themselves despite knowing the consequences, and risk their lives to prove or disprove his existence.

Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Pighead isn't shown for much of the film, but he is blamed for the major 'super-disaster' that approaches the town of Arkista, TX. In his house, written in blood, is "Bring me the boy who destroyed my peace and this series of events will not take place."

Extinction 3: RetributionEdit

Pighead is leading a group of supernatural beings in an attempt to capture Jeff. His trusted general and highest-ranking official, General Zed, brings a group of ultra-powerful enemies to Earth. With Jeff's newfound powers, they may have underestimated Jeff.

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IEdit

Currently unknown

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IIEdit

The final battle is approaching. Pighead prepares for the final battle and becomes extremely impatient. If only Jeff knew Pighead was hiding a deep dark secret...