Irving McGooding
First Appearance Extinction 2: The Winds of Change
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location St. McGooding Church
Age 53
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Boss
Theme "Dragstrip Burnout" by Blue Stahli
Extinction Character
"O Father, I pray to thee for you to cleanse these out-of-control teenagers and offer them your kind words!"
—Irving, in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change

Father Irving McGooding is a deranged priest who appears in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change. He claims to be the servant of God and performs his duties as a priest. He wields the Sword of God and will serve God no matter what the cost is.

Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Father Irving brings in two teenagers whom he found having underage sex inside of a car in a parking lot into his church. He ties both of them up and places them on the ground. He bows down to a statue of Jesus located inside the church and claims he will be doing them a favor and saving their souls from going to hell. He will plunge his sword into their hearts and utter a sacred chant to save them.

Just as he is about to kill the female teen, Jeff walks in. The father notices and asks him to leave. Jeff asks what is going on and Irving demands Jeff leave the building immediately. Jeff says this is not what God wants, which enrages Father Irving. He said he asked him to leave and by staying here, he's disobeying the Lord's wishes and will kill Jeff to save his soul from being sent to hell.