Ike Ravenwolf
First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Extinction
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Age 17 (Extinction)
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Minor Character
Theme Unknown
Extinction Character

Ike Ravenwolf was a bully that was shown in a newspaper having been apparently killed by an unknown assailant. He is shown in Finchamp High's Daily Times newspaper magazine. He was described by other students as a bully and a jerk to others.


Despite not appearing in the movie as himself, he is mentioned numerous times by students. It is said that nobody liked him and just about everyone hated him. While majorly disliked by his peers, nobody wanted him dead. They just wanted him to have a change of heart. His body was oddly enough not recovered in his house where the attack purportedly took place and at a time, was labeled missing. The search was called off soon and he was labeled as 'dead'.

To this day, nobody knows what truly happened to Ike. There is a slim possibility that he's still alive and just hiding but it looks to most as if Ike Ravenwolf is truly gone forever.