Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part II
Title Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part II
Starring Jeff Mercer, Rebecca Turner
Genre Horror, Action
Music Various Artists
Studio Unknown
Distributor Unknown
Released 2024
Runtime 2hrs 2min
Extinction Movie

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part II is an upcoming American horror film set to be released in the future. Dark Hearts Part II marks the end of the Extinction series, as no more films are planned in the future and Dark Hearts Part II will wrap up the storyline. It is the sequel to Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part I. It is currently unknown as to who will produce it. The film is currently scheduled to be released in 2024.


The end is drawing near. Pighead assembles a small army and a gigantic flying ship for his ultra-powerful device called "The Grand Finale." He plans on using this advice to wipe out all human life within a 100,000 mile radius. Jeff, realizing that someone dying in the final battle is inevitable, decides to marry his longtime girlfriend, Rebecca.

After their marriage, they realize that the task in front of them is too much for the six to handle so they call in back-up. All the psychopaths whose lives were spared return and bring along their powers and/or weapons. Despite the overwhelming odds, they all prepare for battle for what is sure to be the final battle.

Welcome to the end.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Jeff Mercer
  • Rebecca Turner
  • Steve Nightingale
  • Lauren Williams
  • Buzz Rockford
  • Pighead