Extinction 3: Retribution
Extinction 3 Retribution
Title Extinction 3: Retribution
Starring Jeff Mercer, Rebecca Turner
Genre Horror, Action
Music Various Artists
Studio Unknown
Distributor Unknown
Released 2020
Runtime 2hrs 12min
Extinction Movie

Extinction 3: Retribution is an upcoming American horror film set to be released in the future. The film stars the same main cast from the last film. It is the sequel to Extinction 2: The Winds of Change. It is currently unknown as to who will produce it. The film is currently scheduled to be released in 2020.


I don't even know yet. Will be updated.

Main CharactersEdit

  • Jeff Mercer
  • Rebecca Turner
  • Steve Nightingale
  • Lauren Williams
  • Buzz Rockford
  • Pighead

Pighead's ArmyEdit

Pighead has a few friends along for the ride and they are each tasked with one job: Kill Jeff Mercer. Pighead's plans of ending the human race and repopulating it with his own species is his ultimate goal and Jeff is planning on stopping it before the extinction of the humans actually happens. Who'd a thought a mass human extinction could actually happen?

  • Amber Holland
  • Victoria Dreamer
  • The Killer of Dreams
  • Sunshine
  • Angel Greene (She's not a member of Pighead's Army but, she's still a psychopath.)