Extinction (film)
Title Extinction
Starring Jeff Mercer, Rebecca Turner
Genre Horror, Action
Music Various Artists
Studio Unknown
Distributor Unknown
Released 2015
Runtime Unknown
Extinction Movie

Extinction is an upcoming American horror film set to be released in the future. The film stars Jeff Mercer and Rebecca Turner. It is currently unknown as to who will produce it. The film is currently scheduled to be released in Halloween 2015.


After experiencing his mother's demise and a lot of his money stolen, Jeff Mercer is bombarded by rumors of a purported monster living in the house next to his. With the help of his friends, he sets out to prove that such a thing doesn't exist. What he gets that night, is something that he'll never forget.



Born from the mind of a then 9-year old child, Extinction takes place in a small town in Texas. The child who created this, Anthony, described it as his 'life's work' and has been trying to get it green-lighted for six years.