Buzz Rockford
Buzz 2
First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Extinction 4: Awakening Part II
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Varies
Age 17
Alignment Good
Weapon Varies
Role Major Protagonist
Theme Unknown
Extinction Character
"This is not how I wanted my life to be. This is a living hell!"
—Buzz, in Extinction 3

Buzz Rockford is one of the major protagonists of the Extinction series. He is an athletic young man who takes pride in his strength and his athleticism. He also commonly uses this to impress the ladies.

Early lifeEdit

For years, Buzz was always a huge football fan and he hoped to play football when he was older. At the high school, he is an all-star and considered the best player in the team. Because of his achievements, he enjoys gloating about but not too much.



Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Due to the town's evacuation and the impending doom of their town, Buzz is tasked with keeping the girls (Rebecca and Alexa) safe while Jeff and Steve exit the high-security safe house to rescue survivors to avoid their grisly demise. Buzz pretty much does nothing of importance for a majority of the film and is mostly shown having conversations with Rebecca and Alexa.

When Jeff brings back survivors, Buzz escorts them to safe rooms to wait out the hell that is arriving.

Extinction 3: RetributionEdit

Buzz is aided by his best friends on his quest for retribution against Pighead for nearly ruining his friends' lives. With Jeff's newfound powers, he uses that as an excuse for women to go out with him.

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IEdit

Currently unknown.

Extinction 4: Dark Hearts Part IIEdit

The final battle is approaching. Buzz and his friends prepare for what may be their final moments together. Buzz is getting extremely nervous about the upcoming battle. After Jeff dreams of a potential outcome, the nearest friend to him, Buzz, is told about what happens.

Because of this, Buzz vows to win this battle or he'll commit suicide as he'd rather be dead than give Pighead the satisfaction of killing him or making him his slave.