Ashley Skater
First Appearance Extinction
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Location Ashley's House
Age 17
Alignment Good
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Minor Character
Theme N/A
Extinction Character

Ashley Skater is a schoolmate of Jeff Mercer and apparently loves him, while also hating him. She first appears in Extinction.


Ashley was the lone survivor in the brutal murders that occurred inside Pighead's home and is scared of releasing any details to anyone. Despite their best attempts, the authorities cannot get any information out of her.

She is shown in person and helps Jeff with no hassle. She is shown to have a big crush on Jeff while, apparently, 'hating his guts'. She gives Jeff all the information he needs to survive and thanks her. Ashley, not satisfied with a handshake, pulls Jeff in for a kiss.

Jeff's friend, Rebecca sees this and pulls Jeff away while slapping Ashley. Jeff asks what the hell is going on and Rebecca says to nevermind what happened and just continue on.