Arnie Townsend
Arnie 1
First Appearance Extinction 2: The Winds of Change
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location Big Bill's Ice Skating Rink
Age 29
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Boss
Theme "Never Dance Again" by Blue Stahli
Extinction Character
"You wish you can have the moves like me. Hell, even Mick Jagger wishes he had moves like me. Now, let's dance!"
—Arnie, in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change

Arnie Townsend is a psychotic dancer who appears in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change. He is an ice-skating dancer whose fame plunged when his brother entered the scene. His brother also stole his own girlfriend from him and she became his partner. In a jealous rage, he drugged his brother and his ex with a drug that was previously unknown to humans which killed both of them almost instantly.

Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Arnie is encountered in an ice-skating rink 'practicing' for an upcoming tournament. Jeff walks in on his practice and Arnie asks if he's a crazed fan who wants an autograph. Jeff then says there is no upcoming tournament and that they have all been cancelled as most of the town has been evacuated.

Arnie becomes distraught as he believes his practice will all go into nothing and blames Jeff for ruining his dreams. Arnie snaps and challenges Jeff to step in the rink and fight him for the #1 title. Jeff is not interested but Arnie shoots at Jeff which barely misses the top of his head. Jeff becomes mad and accepts the challenge. Arnie then grabs a remote and says, "Welcome to my playground."

The rink opens up and a bunch of ice spikes rise up from the empty hole. Arnie then starts the radio which plays "Never Dance Again" by Blue Stahli as Arnie welcomes Jeff to 'the game'.