Anthony Philips
First Appearance Extinction 2: The Winds of Change
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Male
Location The Funhouse
Age 34
Alignment Evil
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Role Boss
Theme Custom Music
Extinction Character
"I don't like it when good kids leave me alone. I turn into something I'm not when I have nobody."
—Happy, in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change

Anthony Philips aka Happy the Clown is a psychotic clown who appears in Extinction 2: The Winds of Change. Anthony, or Happy, was once a very well-liked clown who performed at children's parties. When he found out every child in town had left, he became enraged.

Extinction 2: The Winds of ChangeEdit

Happy is encountered inside of a funhouse in a local carnival. He is seen making balloon animals and handing them out to invisible 'children'. He then calls out a 'Timmy' who doesn't even exist and says why he left his snack half-eaten in the hall of mirrors.

Jeff walks in and discovers Happy taking the snack as Jeff asks what he is doing here and who is he talking to. Happy says that the children need to go to bed already, as it's nighttime.

Jeff says, "What children?" Happy then demands that Jeff leave so Happy can 'play' with the children. Jeff says this is not making any sense at all while Happy says if Jeff has seen 'Mikayla'.

Jeff, confused, says he has not seen any of the children. Happy hears voices of invisible children laughing and then all of a sudden, freezes. He does not move and Jeff is even more confused than before. Jeff waves his hand across from Happy's face but with no reply.

Jeff is about to leave when, out of nowhere, Happy comes and barricades the exit to the funhouse. Happy says that since Jeff is here, he cannot leave. The key to the exit is then eaten by Happy who asks Jeff is he is ready to 'play.' Happy pulls out a hand-made flamesaw (flamethrower and chainsaw) and the battle begins.