Angel Greene
Angel 1
First Appearance Extinction 3: Retribution
Last Appearance Unknown
Status Alive
Gender Female
Location Varies
Age 19
Alignment Evil
Weapon Varies
Role Major Antagonist
Theme Unknown
Extinction Character

Midnight Angel (real name: Angel Greene) is a psychotic Goth girl who practices dark magic. She appears in Extinction 3: Retribution.

Extinction 3: RetributionEdit

Angel is encountered as Jeff takes a breather from a previous battle. He notices strange lights coming from a house. He knocks on the door but there is no reply. The door is open and when steps in the house, he sees a room with the door closed. Curious, he knocks on it and Angel, shocked that there is another person standing at her door without her knowledge, asks Jeff how he got there and what's his name.

After replying, she attempts to push Jeff out before he sees what she's doing. Jeff notices an odd book and cryptic stuff on her bed and he asks what that is. After exposing what she was doing, Angel becomes enraged and attempts her "Kiss of Death" which has killed every single mortal that was unfortunate to get the kiss. A battle then ensues.